What is the First Look?

The First Look (Reveal Moment)

Edwards Barn Wedding

What is a first look?

The first look is usually a time set aside where a Bride and Groom will have a special moment before the ceremony to see each other. Some take this time to also exchange letters. With all the events of the day, it is nice to take 5 or more minutes to slow down and be alone with the one you are about to say "I do" to.

That's not to say you can't do it with everyone watching! Some love to have the wedding party or even families involved in this.

Edwards Barn Wedding
Edwards Barn Wedding

How does it work?

Pretty simple really. Usually the Groom is turned away and the Bride comes up behind him. Once he turns around he is blown away by his gorgeous bride and I get to capture the whole thing to then give to you! It's awesome!

At this time you can exchange letters if you've planned on it. Or we take images of just you two together in this sweet moment. Emotions are high, you two are in love...and we get some beautiful shots.

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Should I have one?

Really the choice is yours. Some people are concerned that it takes away from the moment the Groom first see's his Bride walking down the aisle. I for one think they are totally separate moments and add to the day. No Groom will ever say that he forgot his bride walking down the aisle because of the first look, and the same is true for the bride.

From the photographers perspective. It does give me the chance for another amazing photo opportunity. The only thing we need is time, and when we set your timeline for the day we will go over this if you decide that you both want to experience this beautiful time spent together.